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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Colton P.I. Second Unit by Gina Cresse

Nothing says California quite like movies and stuntmen and in Colton P I Gina Cresse has captured it perfectly.  Sam Colton, stuntmen extraordinaire, is a part time private investigator on the side.

In this case, he juggles a mysterious and not very nice missing girl, her heartbroken parents and various politicians of dubious ethics while maintaining his own integrity and sense of humor.

This is the first of Cresse's books I have read and I enjoyed immensely. I couldn't figure out who the real criminals were until the very end and found the story believable. Cresse's style utilizing jargon of the film industry and her macho male names of some of the characters just added to the enjoyment. I hope that Sam Colton shows up in another mystery by Cresse. In the meantime,  I am going to track down Sinfandel about a murder in wine country and her series about Devonie Hall, a storage wars participant of sorts.  Could there be bodies or clues in those auctioned storage containers.

According to her bio, Cresse started writing mysteries in 1990 and has added screenwriting to her lengthy resume. She has been a finalist in numerous screenwriting competitions. 

Her books are available at independent bookstores, chains and at Amazon. Reviews are available on Goodreads.