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Monday, October 11, 2010

"The Lover's knot" by Clare O'Donohue

What's not to like about this book...quilter's...a group of caring women...a bad guy...and a murder. This book was the perfect vacation book for a quilter. Nell Fitzgerald is jilted close to her wedding day and returns to the comfort of family to lick her wounded spirit. The quilt group lead by her grandmother rally to her side until the death of bad guy and smooth talker Marc. This is a cute series and I look forward to reading more. The plot was a little predictible but not necessarily in a bad way. This series will feed into the soul of a quilter and that nagging wish for all of us to own our own shop. I could "see" the personalities of my own quilt buddies in the stories and the writer's passion and knowledge for the art behind quilters and quilting. I hope the author goes more into the history of quilting and what drives people in this art form. I also look forward to learning more about Nell and see if 'good guy" Jesse is the man of her dreams. If you are seeking a new series and this is a lovely and entertaining series. It has a lot of potential.I look forward to reading the next. This book can be found at most libraries and book stores.